Pages from a book project that was meant to satirize the super sad MAGA heads for the depression they fell into once Trump lost the election.
...I abandoned the project when the insurrection happened.

A word jumble. Can you figure it out?

Are you a #karen? Here's a test to see if you're easily triggered
by the following images:

1) Antifa Arsonist
2) Pizza Shop Slave Babies
3) Hunter’s Laptop of Bigly Secrets

4) Crooked Hillary’s Emails

5) A Bleachy Cure for What Ails You

6) A Libtard

7) A cup of Covefe

8) Hamberders

9) Slenderman Jared Kushner

10) Sweaty Rudy

11) Fear-inducing Hashtag

12) Dead Voter Ready for Ballot Box

13) Job Stealin’ Illegal

14) Dumped Ballot For the Supreme Ruler

15) Prized Toilet Paper

16) MAGA Hats of Sedition

17) Obama Hiding from Blame 

18) Tasty Roast Pangolin Sprinkled with Covidy Goodness

19) A Very Good and Special Person (NOT!)

20) Extra Long Tie of Power

21) An unfortunate arrangement of weeds and dog poop.

22) A Park Mugger (wait a minute... Are you a racist? That's just some guy trying to get a bit of exercise!)

If you’ve spotted all the hidden images, you’ve proved yourself to be a high level “Karen” and need to seek immediate psychological help.
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